avv. da pra galanti

Avv. Lorenzo Da Pra Galanti

He mainly specializes in providing legal counsel in commercial and corporate law, with a particular focus on international issues. He has acted as counsel for leading American and European clients in numerous acquisitions in Italy. He handles drafting national and international contracts for important companies in the health care, fashion, design, and manufacturing sectors.

He is listed by the UK Embassy in Italy and the Mission Economique of the French Embassy in Italy as one of the professionals available to English and French citizens, respectively, requiring assistance in the country. He serves, or has served, as a member of the boards of directors of corporations as well as non-profit organizations, with the latter including the appointment as a member of the board of directors of the Bagatti Valsecchi Foundation, representing the Milan City Council.

He completed a Master’s Degree in Law (LL.M.) in 1997 at Columbia University in New York, where he also worked as student editor for the American Review of International Arbitration; he later served as the visiting foreign lawyer at the London offices of US law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell, and between 1998 and 2002, he was an associate at the Milan offices of the British law firm, Allen & Overy. He started his own practice in 2002.

Lorenzo Da Pra Galanti is regularly appointed as a sole arbitrator or arbitration panel member, either by the Milan Arbitration Chamber or in ad hoc arbitration. He is included in the list of arbitrators of the Arbitration Chamber of CONSOB, the Italian Stock Exchange authority. He is a co-author of International Commercial Arbitration, Practice & Procedure - Enforcement of Foreign Awards, Universal Law Publishing Co., New Delhi, 2012 (responsible for the chapters on Italy and Vatican City State). He is fluent in English and French.

He graduated in law from the University of Milan, and has been a member of the Milan Bar Association since 1994. In 2013, he was admitted to practice before the Italian Supreme Court.

avv. marzatico

Avv. Marco Marzatico

Specialized in civil, commercial, and corporate law, he wishes to take over both the challenges and opportunities set by the extensive introduction of mediation as method for dispute resolution under both Italian and European law.

He has gained considerable experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions, the incorporation of joint-ventures, and commercial contract drafting, representing leading Italian and international clients. He also rendered his services with respect to the liquidation of assets of one of the Italy’s most important public entities.

He became mediator in 2010 and is registered with both Mediamo and ADR Quadra, two reputed Italian mediation centers. He has been formed pursuant to both a "problem solving" and a "transformative" approach; moreover, has been trained in mediation in cross border disputes.

In 2008 he attended courses held by the Milan Bar Association to qualify as a non-executive director and mediator (conciliatore).

He opened his own practice in 2004, after having been an associate of two leading international law firms since 1992.

He has attended the diplomatic career course held by I.S.P.I. in Milan (1989), and worked for a brokerage firm in New York. He is fluent in English and French and has a fair knowledge of Spanish.

He graduated in law from the University of Milan, and has been a member of the Milan Bar Association since 1994.

avv. milani

Avv. Massimo Milani

An expert in family and inheritance law, as well as in commercial law and contracts, he has dealt in numerous cases with new “Family Pacts” legislation, especially with regard to inheritance matters.

He has represented clients in marital separation cases, with a particular focus on underlying and subsequent financial issues. His practice also extends to criminal issues (for instance application of the most recent legislation on stalking, domestic violence and abuse).

He is a member of the Governing Council of AMI (Association of Italian Divorce Lawyers for the protection of the Individual, Children, and the Family) for the Milan Court of Appeals district section. In the 1990s he held several important positions with respect to the representation and administrative/political development of the City of Gallarate, and he also worked as a contributor to the Lombardy Region Council. He is currently a member of the Management Committee for the City of Gallarate National Visual Arts Award, for which he is also legal advisor.

He is listed among the legal professionals for the French General Consulate and other consular bodies in Milan, mostly as a family law expert.

He is fluent in French.

He graduated in law from Milan's Catholic University in 1989. He is a member of the Busto Arsizio Bar Association.

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