The IURAPlus lawyers provide assistance to a client base made up of multinational corporations and medium-/large-sized Italian and foreign companies, operating in many different lines of business, including, for instance, fashion and apparel, design, publishing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, IT services, banking, financial services, real estate, and climate change.


Legal counsel within the framework of civil, corporate, commercial and industrial law, including at the EU and international levels, and in particular:

  • Assistance in corporate governance, asset transfers, mergers and spin-offs, drafting and implementation of shareholders agreements, voting pacts and pools, and disputes in relation thereto, as well as in ordinary corporate activity (i.e. articles of association, minutes of the meetings of shareholders, boards of directors, and shareholders who are parties to shareholder agreements).
  • Assistance in acquisitions, corporate reorganization, and real estate deals. Assistance includes due diligence and the drafting of all necessary contractual documentation.
  • Assistance in the negotiation, drafting and execution of commercial contracts, such as tender, supply, distribution, agency, franchising, and shipping contracts, outsourcing, disposal and brand licensing agreements, patents, software, royalties, sponsorships, and so forth. The IURAPlus lawyers have extensive experience in adapting common-law contractual models to the specifics of Italian law and common practices.
  • Assistance in setting up companies and subsidiaries, associations, consortiums, joint ventures and foundations.
  • International judicial assistance (recognition and enforcement of foreign commercial judgments and arbitral awards, taking of evidence in civil and commercial matters, etc.).

The IURAPlus lawyers have significant experience in the field of insolvency proceedings, settlements prior to bankruptcy, and financial restructuring.

The firmís lawyers provide assistance to clients on all issues concerning bankruptcy law in relation to banking, financial and commercial transactions, and also provide counsel to investors involved in insolvency proceedings as part of transactions concluded for companies at risk of insolvency, as well as in the purchase of assets within the framework of insolvency proceedings.


The IURAPlus lawyers also have extensive experience in the field of financing contracts and related guarantees, restructuring and debt-consolidation transactions, leasing, sale leasebacks, bank contracts and guarantees, and export financing.

The firm provides legal counsel to banks and financial institutions in relation to both the opening of foreign branches and the supply of services under the freedom of establishment rule, and in managing all the necessary relations with regulatory authorities.


The IURAPlus lawyers provide counsel on all aspects related to the issue and placement of shares, bonds, and structured securities, and transactions in derivatives.

The firmís lawyers offer specialist services relating to public sale offers, the listing of stocks and other financial instruments on the Italian markets as well as on the regulated markets of other European countries. Specifically, they offer assistance to issuers, financial intermediaries and sponsors in relation to listing procedures, carrying out due diligence, preparing information prospectuses and taking part in the negotiation and drafting of the documentation required by applicable laws.


The firm also provides assistance in the climate change sector, with regards to compliance with the administrative requirements imposed on corporations, the transfer of emission quotas and the utilization of the so-called flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol (CDM and JI).


The IURAPlus lawyers offer their clients consolidated and insightful experience in the fields of labour law, industrial relations, and workplace security, providing counsel in the preparation and negotiation of group and individual work contracts, fiscal planning, and pension schemes.

The lawyers specializing in this sector have wide-ranging experience in corporate restructurings, long-term unemployment, redundancy procedures, and other social buffers.

The firm is also specialized in social welfare and pension issues.


The activities described above are also made available to private individuals who are owners, actual or potential, of companies, members of associations, and so forth. Moreover, the firm operates in the following fields providing services to private clients:
  • Family and inheritance law, and related judicial guardianship.
  • Property purchases/sales and real estate brokerage; cooperative and condominium properties.
  • Insurance law and civil liability.
In view of the fact that Italian companies are often family-run, and considering the intersecting corporate and personal relationships that may result, the IURAPlus lawyers are able to assist private individuals and families with regards to family and inheritance issues, to the extent that these reflect upon, or have implications for, the life of a business.


IURAPlus lawyers handle national and international disputes, mostly representing corporate clients. The services rendered are mostly in the field of civil and commercial law, with a particular focus on contracts and contractual obligations, corporate law, property law, real rights, torts, and credit protection.

The firmís professionals may act both as defence counsel in ordinary court proceedings and arbitration, as well as arbitrators appointed by the parties.

In their professional practice, the IURAPlus lawyers make use of advanced technologies and IT procedures which are made available by the Milan Bar Association and by the Judicial Administration.

The firm has extensive experience with regard to the recognition and enforcement in Italy of foreign judgements and arbitration awards.


Services covering negotiation, mediation and settlements are offered by the IURAPlus lawyers who have specific experience in these fields. Such services are also provided within the context of settlement and mediation authorities, appropriately registered on the register held by the Ministry of Justice.

Services of impartial professional mediation and settlement represent a possibility for resolving disputes when the conflicting parties agree to settle the case by requesting the intervention of a neutral third party (the mediator), who assists them in reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement.

The services also include specific settlement activity in corporate law, as regulated by the decrees of the Ministry of Justice n. 222 and 223 of 23 July 2004, which enacted the measures introduced by legislative decree n. 5 of 17 January 2003, reforming corporate law.

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