Back in 2007, Lorenzo Da Pra Galanti and Marco Marzatico made a decision to join forces, and to integrate their specific skills and professional practices, with the objective of broadening the range of services offered to their clients while also continuing to maintain high quality standards. More recently, Da Pra Galanti and Marzatico have been joined by Luigi Andolfo, Massimo Milani, and Davide Perillo, all with more than 15 years experience in providing legal counsel to enterprises and private individuals.

The firm draws on the strengths of the considerable experience and international practice of its lawyers, the ability to work in English, French and Spanish as well as in Italian, and affiliations with a far-reaching network of professional contacts in Italy, the other leading European nations, Asia (in particular China, Japan and India) and the Americas (mostly in the United States), and in specialist legal sectors.

As an expression of the firm's identity, its partners have adopted the name IURAPlus, joining the Latin words IURA and Plus, and have paired the name with a stylised fountain logo.

IURA. The IURAPlus lawyers have been trained from “classical” juridical and cultural perspective. Such training is combined with specific skills acquired through professional practice and ongoing professional education. The knowledge that IURAPlus lawyers make available to their clients is derived directly from their academic and professional endeavours, most of which have been pursued through work for international law firms and multinational corporations. The IURAPlus lawyers are therefore able to provide appropriate legal counsel and assistance, including with regard to international legal issues, and are particularly knowledgeable in assisting Italian companies with international expansion, and in working with foreign individuals and companies intending to set up business in Italy, or having the need to maintain working relationships with Italian counterparties.

Given their training and professional backgrounds, the IURAPlus lawyers are capable of interpreting, tackling and solving legal issues, from both a technical and an operational standpoint. They are also comfortable in working with the underlying and often unavoidable business issues, resorting where necessary to the support offered by a network of specialist professionals, and qualified academics and technicians, in a range of different sectors and countries, with the added bonus of being able to pinpoint new opportunities for companies.

Plus. In their role as business consultants, the IURAPlus lawyers are attuned to the fact that service quality in the information-technology era cannot be obtained without ensuring the speed and security of an uninterrupted and adequate flow of information. In providing legal counsel, the IURAPlus lawyers personally cater to the client's specific needs and preferences, offering a high-quality service, yet avoiding the burden of unnecessary charges to the client, thanks to a streamlined, flexible and efficient structure which makes it possible to limit administrative costs.

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